As stated on one of our Five Promises, "Let us envision beyond one plate", Compass Group Japan commits to continuously offer safety, security, and stability through food to our customers, alongside with engaging in corporate activities considerate of the environment.
Our head office has acquired ISO 14001 certification and we are actively promoting initiatives at all our sites to help reduce the environmental impact of our business based on these management standards.

ISO 14001 activities

We have maintained our ISO 14001 certification since March 2001.
ISO 14001 is an international standard for environmental management systems. Our head office is implementing internationally recognized environmental management standards at all of our business sites and continuing to engage in environmental conservation activities in order to proactively reduce environmental impact.

Reducing food waste

Reducing food waste

We are working to achieve a global target of reducing food waste by 50% by 2030. In addition to internal measures, we are also implementing various actions at business locations with the cooperation and full understanding of our clients.

Stop Food Waste Day

In order to help reduce food waste, every April our Japan operation participates in the campaign launched by the Compass Group in the United States in 2017 to raise awareness of food waste issues and promote the implementation of measures that could help alleviate the problem.

Concrete initiatives

  • Thorough drainage of food scraps (reduce emissions) and separation of trash (promote recycling)
    →Fully introduced into onsite operations by creating a manual of drainage and weighing procedures
  • Reduction of excess food stock (occurrence control), analysis and reduction of factors that generate food waste (occurrence control)
    →Reduce cooking losses, sales losses, expiry date losses, and left-over food as causes of food waste
  • Recycling of waste oil into biodiesel fuel, animal feed, etc.

Promote reliable procurement

Introduce sustainable seafood

As part of the Compass Group policy, we promote the procurement and provision of fishery products that are caught and produced in a way that does not lead to excessive fishing or environmental destruction. We are working with our customers to create a sustainable society by serving sustainable seafood.

Cage-free eggs

Compass Group commits to source 100% cage-free eggs.

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