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Food service for private nursing homes and facilities for seniors

We seek to enrich residents’ day to day by delivering lively meals that bring joy of tasty food. With our high-level expertise, we are able to support competitively managed facilities.

Mealtimes are important times of the day for residents living in homes. That’s why residents and their families place great value on the meals provided.

We fully exploit our long-amassed prowess in menu development, ingredient purchasing, and cooking techniques to achieve the level of delicious taste that touches the hearts of those who eat our meals. For instance, we strive to provide meals where people can enjoy the different ingredients and seasonal touches with all five senses. We spare no effort and are always thinking of ways to ensure that, while their individual conditions may be different, all residents can truly enjoy their meals.

In addition to providing meals, we also proffer operational expertise as a dedicated member of the nursing care and medical business. In short, we strive to support the management of competitive facilities that play an intimate role in the precious lives of each resident.

Food service for private nursing homes and facilities for seniors
Our ability to brighten up residents’ daily lives

Highly specialist professionals deliver the joy of food

We boast a strong group of nationally certified nutritionists, dieticians, and chefs with strong specialist knowledge of nutrition and meal formats. We can help provide safe and secure meals tailored to suit the needs of each individual resident.

Expert nationally certified nutritionists on hand
Our nationally certified nutritionists with a host of specialist knowledge are on hand to meet client needs for maintaining health or composing a therapeutic diet.
Ingenious tastes
We devise interesting ways to brighten up and lay out meals so residents can enjoy a delicious-looking meal whatever the format.
Attentive response to different meal formats
We offer many different meal formats for those who have difficulty chewing or swallowing, including attractively presented bite-sized meals, cut-up food, soft food, or pureed food.
Creating an attractive dining table
We pay particular attention to creating an attractive dining table by selecting tableware and cutlery that adds beauty and color to your meal.
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We use premium ingredients for ultimate food enjoyment

We provide specialty menus made from premium ingredients with particular attention paid to quality and taste. We seek to inspire rich enjoyment of food not only for special occasions but also for everyday living.

A5 class wagyu beef
We source A5 class wagyu beef from the best-fed and best-bred cows, such as Hitachi, Yamagata, and Miyazaki beef and pay particular attention to the cuts of meat.
Comparing rice from different well-known growing regions
Residents can enjoy eating rice from well-known production regions and famous top-quality rice from all over Japan on a monthly basis as part of our effort to provide delicious and varied food.
Kyoyasai and Kamakura vegetables
We offer various vegetables such as the branded Kyoyasai (from Kyoto) and Kamakura vegetables and a number of seasonal vegetables harvested in specific areas such as Hokkaido potatoes. Residents can feast on these delights with their eyes before eating them.
Anti-ageing smoothies
We are working on an easy-to-drink antioxidant smoothie with delicious anti-ageing properties.
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Delicious and varied menus tailored to the individual

Residents can enjoy familiar seasonal flavors, fun event meals, and eating with their family in a relaxed space whenever they want. We draw on our many years of expertise to be able to satisfy a wide range of particular food desires from residents.

The fun of choosing for yourself
Residents can enjoy many different flavors every day by choosing their favorite dishes from a range of menus.
Relax in your own time and space
In addition to breakfast, lunch, and dinner services, we also provide spaces where residents can enjoy a meal at any time, such as cafes or evening bar time areas.
Enjoying meals as a family
We also provide lunch, dinner, and side menus that families can enjoy eating together.
Making eating at events more fun
We plan fun food events such as seasonal tastes that help sense the seasons, monthly fun dinners made from carefully selected ingredients, and participatory events.
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Management- and resident-focused safe and secure facility management

We provide multifaceted support to ensure the stable, safe, and secure operation of facilities for residents. We also establish systems that enable facilities to cope fully with emergency situations.

Hygiene management based on HACCP safety management principles
The people in charge of each operation execute management functions in a systematic way according to strict hazard analysis and critical control point (HACCP) methods of safety management. In addition, the manager inspects and records all items as part of a strenuous effort to prevent any foreign objects contaminating the food or any incidents of food poisoning.
Safe food purchasing
We set strict standards for food ingredients right from the procurement stage. We purchase safe ingredients by selecting reliable suppliers and implementing thorough quality control.
Safety and security-focused system and human resource development
We establish operations that give our customers peace of mind by developing internal safety management systems and employee training.
Detailed backup systems
We work closely with local outsourcing facilities and our head office to ensure we have a solid back up systems in place, such as pre-cooked food, so that we can provide continuous meal services even in times of emergency.
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