Strong focus on safety, security, and stability

Safety comes first and foremost in our working environment and managing daily operations.

First of all, for operational food safety, we follow hygienic management guidelines and corporat manual in order to be in compliance and conformance with hazard analysis and critical control point (aka HACCP) standards. We also conduct periodic food hygiene audits engaging third-party organizations and implement necessary amendments to maintain a appropriate level of hygiene at all times.

We also take the utmost care reduce the risk of incidents in the working environment based on industrial accident prevention manual to make sure we provide safe working environment.

Given our head office is certified for ISO 45001 (occupational health and safety management), standards are shared and implemented across all sites.

Food product hygiene management

All sites operate according to HACCP principles

Since well before it became mandatory in Japan, all our units have been operating under strict hygiene management which is in compliance with HACCP (Hazard analysis important control points) principles. We have implemented daily operational procedures outlining a wide range of standards/guidelines covering the temperature of food ingredients, time management, heating standards, cleaning and sterilization of cooking utensils, and safety measures for cooking staffs.

Leveraging digital technology for effective food supply management

Digitalizing food inventory management sheet by using QR codes to monitor expiry dates of those opened ingredients has been implemented.

Conducting audits by engaging third-party specialist organizations

In addition to internal hygiene inspections, we have been engaging third-party inspections in order to enhance control with a fresh pair of eyes. We also invite external food hygiene management experts to give us advise on existing operational procedures.

Measures for occupational health and safety

Initiatives at sites

To maintain a safe working environment for our employees, employees are to wear gloves when cooking to prevent cutting hands, arm coverings when cooking using fryers, and wear googles to protect eyes when cleaning. In each sites, manuals are implemented to to prevent workplace accidents. Additionally , key topics on food and workplace safety are reminded on a monthly basis. We also have monthly slogans to raise awareness of safety issues.

ISO 45001 initiatives

In March 2020, head office acquired ISO 45001 certification. ISO 45001 is an international standard in regards to occupational health and safety management. We are working to prevent occupation accidents and improve the level of health and safety in workplaces by promoting continuous health and safety management. Indeed, we are pursuing various initiatives to ultimately promote the creation of comfortable working environment and improve health and safety levels in our workplaces.

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