Our philosophy

Corporate slogan

  1. Make the world …
    We contribute to our customers’ wellbeing by leveraging our knowledge and competence as member of Compass Group
  2. a better place …
    Providing better food contributes to making people happier on a daily basis, by extension, the whole world a better place.
  3. through food …
    Food is the source of energy for all people that supports people’s lives.

Our mission
A food service company that makes customers the happiest

As culinary professionals, we believe in the inherent potential of food. We think first and foremost about the happiness of our customers, and strive to support customers’ everyday lives via providingmeals.

The value we provide to our customers
We strive to create daily happiness
by providing delicious tastes that touch one’s hearts.

Our Promises
Our five promises for creating delicious tastes that touch people’s hearts

We have made five solemn promises that we intend to cherish so that we can continue making our customers happy through food.

  1. 1
    Let us continue protecting safety, security, and stability.

    What we provide is value embedded in our daily lives. Our safety and security come first which includes serving meals on a set time and portion. All we do is for customers’ day to day, and we as professionals will continue to keep our standards.

  2. 2
    Let us understand our customers’ needs deeper than anyone.

    What is important to our customers? We constantly consider that the most by having continuous dialogue, observation, and further discussions to better understand true customers’ needs.

  3. 3
    Let us provide ‘delicious’ services which source as day to day energy.

    “Want to come again tomorrow”, “dining is the highlight of the day”, in order to hear more of these comments, we continue to thrive for what our customers are really looking for and provide heartful meals.

  4. 4
    Let us be happy among all.

    For us to provide delicious meal, we ourselves need to be healthy and happy. Fostering active communication among teams, contacting our customers with smile, are a few of many examples of our happiness that we believe is linked to our customers’ energy.

  5. 5
    Let us envision beyond one plate.

    We acknowledge there are various stakeholders involved with meals we serve. By continuously questioning how we can contribute to our better, sustainable world, we seek actions that eventually make an impact.

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