Food service for hospitals

Our focus is to provide stable and continuous operation. This spans from menu creation, sourcing of ingredients, cooking, and serving which are all tailored to customers’ needs.

Our healthcare business includes the operation, management, and support of food services for hospitals that demand a high level of expertise. The most important element of hospital food is to provide safe operational management and a stable supply of food that brings people peace of mind. To that aim, we run an operation that fully exploits our comprehensive power as a food service company.

Armed with rich experience and a high level of specialist knowledge, our nationally certified nutritionists, dieticians, and chefs are able to respond to any hospital food demands with sound readiness. In addition, our head office structure provides full support to those providing frontline services in order to help achieve three key commitments: safety (by preventing food-related accidents, etc.), security (by thinking first and foremost of the patients who eat the food), and stability (by ensuring continuous operations). We provide a service that is designed from the perspective of the people who eat the meals, from menu creation through to the procurement of ingredients, the cooking, and the serving of the food. At the same time, we strive to realise a stable and continuous operation and help rationalize business management.

Hospital food services and kiosk management
How to protect safety, security, and stability

Our response team includes highly experienced nationally certified nutritionists, dieticians, and chefs

We boast a strong group of nationally certified nutritionists, dieticians, and chefs with rich experience and a high level of specialist knowledge. We think first and foremost of the patients when formulating the best food service that also complies with hospital standards.

Menus compiled in line with hospital standards
We are fully aware of the vital role of food services in a hospital and so we ensure our menus align closely with the hospital’s nutritional standards.
Developing new menus
We are always striving to develop new menus so that patients can enjoy the taste and experience of mealtimes as much as possible within the confines of their dietary notes.
Handling food allergies
We take particular care to use ingredients that ensure the meals prepared for patients with food allergies offer the same nutritional value.
Tailoring meals to suit individual needs
We make every effort to attentively provide meals to suit a patient’s physical condition and symptoms by, for instance, providing meals cut up into small pieces or supplying meals later than scheduled.
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Providing meals to hospitals and medical facilities across Japan

Customers appreciate our full management support framework and solid preparedness for providing hospital food services. As a result, we currently provide meals to hospitals and medical facilities all over Japan.

Building cooperative frameworks
We seek to build cooperative frameworks that align with each hospital’s policy as if we were part of the hospital staff.
Accurate responses
We respond accurately to directions regarding any changes to menu content and meal size following ward visits by hospital dieticians.
Cookery science knowledge
Our services are provided by employees who have an accurate knowledge of cookery science, including the individual characteristics and nutritional value of specific foods, how to store them, and how to minimize any loss of nutritional value during the cooking process.
Accurate inspection, weighing, and distribution of meals
We ensure food is inspected, accurately weighed during cooking, and appropriately plated based on patients’ dietary notes.
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Safe, secure, and stable hygiene management and implementation

We adhere to strict management regulations and ensure all our employees are thoroughly trained. We are always working to strengthen our personnel structure to maintain stable operations.

HACCP-based safety management
Our cleaning and inspection management processes are fastidious. Our hygiene management is based on hazard analysis and critical control point (HACCP) safety management principles.
Thorough employee training and guidance
We have spent time building frameworks that enable all employees to obtain the necessary training at any time. We provide a thorough health and safety education, including regular training for nutritionists and cooks.
Double, triple-check food inspections and guidance
We have established a double, often triple-check inspection system in which food hygiene inspections and HACCP-based safety management and guidance are conducted by external organizations and by ourselves.
Establishing human resource structures
We have set up a recruitment center under the direct jurisdiction of our head office. We are currently making significant improvements to our recruitment efficiency and effectiveness by ensuring an efficient, courteous, and swift response.
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