Food service for school lunches
and education-related facilities

Food service as food and nutrition education helps young people’s development.

Our education business refers to the provision of school meals and food services for student halls of residence, kiosks, and education-related facilities. We currently provide outsourced food services to approximately 150 locations.

It is extremely important to ensure children, who are currently in their most important growth phase, experience food that not only feeds their bodies but their minds as well. While the regulations in publicly-run schools surrounding the outsourcing of school lunches to private companies have been relaxed, our nationally certified nutritionists and cooks work together to rigorously uphold school regulations regarding the handling of ingredients, cooking, hygiene management, etc. We seek to incorporate opinions and requests from parents and caregivers in our quest to provide safe, delicious, enjoyable, and heartfelt handmade school lunches.

Dietary education that helps children’s minds and bodies grow has been an important theme for us ever since our company’s foundation.

Food service for school lunches and education-related facilities
Our strong track record as a total partner for students’ meals

Extensive menus created by nationally certified specialist nutritionists and dieticians

We offer richly varied menus for different times of the day. We also offer menus for children with allergies, menus designed to suit the food culture and tastes of international exchange students and menus for students involved in athletic clubs and physical exercise. We can provide a wide range of menus designed by highly experienced nationally certified nutritionists and dieticians with specialist knowledge.

Specialist nationally certified nutritionists and dieticians
Our nationally certified nutritionists are here to apply their specialist knowledge of child nutrition or sports nutrition and tailor meals according to age, physique, local region, club activities, etc.
Menus to suit different times of day
We can offer different variations such as “spoon rice” which is easy to eat when you are busy in the mornings or bakery items that are perfect for snacks.
Handling food allergies
We prepare a manual on food allergies to ensure we respond thoroughly to all dietary needs and still provide a nutritionally balanced diet.
Catering for international exchange students
We offer menus that satisfy the different food cultures of international exchange students by ensuring the use of appropriate ingredients and food preparation methods.
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We manage roughly 150 bases nationwide as a total partner in food safety and security

We operate outsourced food services for all sorts of educational facilities from kindergartens right through to universities. We deliver safe, delicious, and enjoyable food services that are minutely tailored to suit the different growth stages and tastes of our children and young people.

Satisfying food volumes
We have enhanced our menus for schools and halls of residence to provide voluminous, nutritionally balanced meals.
Balanced nutrition for each growth stage
We offer delicious meals with the right amount of calories and nutrients necessary for growth.
Delicious meals served at the right temperature
Warm food should be served warm and cold food should be served cold. We devise the best way of cooking and serving food in order to ensure our dishes are eaten at the right temperature for optimum enjoyment and taste.
Managing food kiosks
We consult on the planning and operation of kiosks that children can comfortably enjoy using.
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Nurturing children’s bodies and minds through dietary education initiatives

These initiatives include considering the different kinds of food cultures in your own region and in Japan as a whole. We engage in various activities that help children learn about the importance of food for supporting their minds as well as physical wellbeing.

Fair menus that cover tastes and food cultures from all over Japan
We provide opportunities for students to learn about Japanese food culture through eating by incorporating local cuisine and seasonal menus from Japan’s 47 prefectures into our fair menus.
Joint development with companies and universities
We work together with companies and universities involved in health promotion to develop nutrition programs and menus that are carefully tailored to each stage of the growth process.
Student participation events
Our participatory events where recipe ideas submitted by students are actually incorporated into the menu are becoming increasingly popular in individual schools.
Sports nutrition seminars
Our nutrition seminars conducted by accredited sports dieticians, nationally certified nutritionists, or other specialists for the benefit of sports club members in student halls of residence have been very well received.
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