– A mark of reassurance that enables people to feel safe eating at work

SafeSpere is the audit program introduced by Compass Group to assure and successfully help manage the safe and enjoyable food in the workplace. With our comprehensive procedures, visible signals of reassurance and focus on the wellbeing of staff and guests we will help customers make eating at work a safe and enjoyable experience. SafeSphere is divided into key four areas.

Key four areas of SafeSphere:

By proving that we have cleared the set safety standards, we would like our customers to feel safe eating at work.

1. Human Health & Hygiene

In addition to hygiene management education for all employees by the Countermeasures Headquarters, we thoroughly manage individual health and hygiene, such as daily temperature measurement and disinfection.

2. Healthy Spaces & Places

In addition to ensuring a social distance to prevent the eating space from becoming dense and taking measures to prevent droplets, cleaning kits and manuals are also available.

3. Food Reimagined

In order to avoid the expected impact of an emergency, we have a system in place to flexibly arrange food stocks, etc.

4. Digital Touch

In addition to utilizing the COVID-19 contact confirmation app “COCOA” of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, we are conducting hygiene education using an e-learning system.

The SafeSphere audits are conducted by our internal auditors based on our own checklist.
After confirming and examining that all the standards have been met, the certifcate is posted in the unit or in the office as a proof of the “safe and secure” dining environment.

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