Supporting our employees for growth and development

At Compass Group Japan, we are working to create an organization where diverse employees can grow and play an active role based on mutual respect.

compass commitments
One team, three commitments
    We treat each other fairly
    and with respect
    We have opportunities
    to develop and progress
    We work as part of a positive
    and caring team

Compass Group as an amazing place to work for all of our employees

Health management

We manage health-related information from our employees centrally as part of our effort to thoroughly monitor and manage employee health. Recently, we made swift decisions on items such as the need for daily body temperature checks or the wearing of masks and shared them via our internal network. We set up a task force at our head office to implement any measures that the latest circumstances may require. We not only promote the early detection of illnesses through regular health checks, but also encourage the use of mental health support services that are available to all group employees and generally focus on improving the health of our work colleagues.

Taking maternity/paternity and childcare leave

We help employees return smoothly to work after maternity/paternity and childcare leave. We seek to create an environment in which all employees, regardless of gender, can successfully balance their work and private-life needs to suit each stage of their lives.

Accepting international technical intern trainees

Since starting the program in 2019, over 80 trainees have played an active role and proved a reliable and powerful asset in frontline locations across Japan. We actively communicate with interns through internal events.

Employing people with disabilities

We promote and support the employment of people with disabilities at our special subsidiaries and other locations within the group.

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