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Compass Group Japan is a member of Compass Group which operates contract food services in 40 countries worldwide. The employees provide food in multiple locations throughout Japan with the sole purpose of promoting the happiness of those whom we provide meals. Food is vital to our wellbeing and is our source of vitality, promoting growth and supporting our lives. We believe in the inherent potential of food and have accumulated a wealth of ingenious and creative skills as food service professionals. Compass Group Japan’s unique competency lies in our high-value service provision which we have achieved by combining our technologies and knowledge amassed over many years along with our expertise in global operations. In the midst of rapidly changing times and societal demands, we well know it’s time to understand the real needs of our customers and not fear of taking on changes and challenges. We are committed to working together to make the world a better place through meals.

Takashi Ishida
Chief Executive Officer
Compass Group Japan Inc.

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