Providing meals with best quality

We start from fully understanding what exactly our customers are looking for. To meet such needs, we choose the best option out from our expertise accumulated over the years and tailor such for further customization. We have also established aa highly effective supply chain model to manage our portfolio of food ingredients by achieving the best purchases at all times, and form a organizational structure whereby head office can support backup mechanism for all sites. As a result, sites across the country and and head office can work closely enabling delivery of high value to customers.

Value chain generating high value

Cross functional organized approach

In order to ensure our customers’ needs are met, we share key information, including onsite menu feedback, across functions such as Sales, Procurement, and Logistics divisions. This three-way organizational structure helps improve the quality of our services by reviewing food specs in order to provide maximum value in our sites more efficiently and effectively and by quickly developing menus.

Forging solid partnerships with suppliers

As a partner that seeks to help secure the happiness of customers, we forge relationships with suppliers across Japan. With these deep, long-term relationships, we are in the position of continuously making improvements that lead to greater efficiencies and facilitating new development and proposals to satisfy our customers’ needs.

Committed procurement of safe and secure ingredients

To ensure the safe and secure procurement of ingredients as a food service company, we conduct inspections based on supplier product standards, audit suppliers’ financials, examine manufacturing plants, offer improvement guidance, manage databases of supplier information, and conduct data analysis.

Food ingredient lists which is constantly optimized

We are particularly careful to ensure the smooth operation of lists of ingredients for each major category as a means of responding to customers’ needs in the most cost- effective and optimal manner. We continue to optimize our purchasing portfolio by analyzing various data.

Developing menus that fulfill customers’ demands

To ensure we precisely understand what our customers are looking for , we conduct customer satisfaction surveys as means of collecting candid opinions/feedbacks and then develop menus based on such. We also have setting called innovation center at our head office as an exclusive space for development and food tasting where we conduct internal development and research workshops, as well as food tasting sessions for customers, and presentations which virtually similar to sites.

Application “Time2Eat”

Time2Eat (Android, iPhone) is an original Compass Group smartphone application that provides a series of functions from before to after meals, including browsing the company cafeteria menu, making advance reservations for cafeteria menu items, and cashless (credit card) payment. The app is also compatible with company benefit programs, such as charging company-provided meal expenses to the app.

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